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The Carner Connection

Clarence Carner, Jr. & Artis Gay Carner

Oldest Child of Clarence Carner, Sr. & Juliette Rayford Carner


Clarence & Artis

Artis and I continue to be active while in retirement. The Robins Air
Force Base still remains as our place of worship. I am especially
pleased with the order of service and sermon quality.

I continue to be a part of Manna of Hope Resource Center by teaching computer classes and doing an ocassional photo shoot for special projects. We plan to venture into a new project later this year called, "Keeping a Job".

The Next Level Community Development Project continues to be the most interesting and viable activity that I am involved with. Their after school program nutrures while encouraging and giving tutoring to those who need it. Their summer program has an excellent segment (The Elites) that directs students toward their career interest by finding them the comenstrate for their career. Additonally, they get paid!

My most recent endeavor is being an adjunct instructor at Virginia College. After being on the advisory board for the college for the last few years and working mock interviews for the upcoming graduates, I was asked to teach Information Technology courses. So, I am now a part time instructor working Tuesdays and Thursdays.

However, there is an old saying, "be careful about what you with for". Before I retired from Federal Service some of my co-workers asked me what I was going to do in retrement. I told them I want to go back into the community I grew up and serve. I mentioned teaching at Fort Valley State University. However, Virginia College happened to be in the middle of the "Coming From Wherre I'm From), Bird City, Alphabet City and Tindall Heights. So, I felt most confortable in accepting the position with virginia College. It was a good experience one that I will remember forv

My incredible wife, Artis Gay Carner continues to do what she loves the most and that is "Whatever She Wants to Do". She has chickens, ducks, guenies and lots of eggs and yes, the farming is coming along just fine in Dodge County.


Clarence's Children