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The Carner Connection

John Wesley Carner & Brenda Finney Carner

Clarence Carner, Sr. & Juliette Rayford Carner Second Oldest Son





About J.W. and Brenda

John and I are in our seventies and having a lot of deep thoughts. We are blessed to have God, Family, and our faith. It’s true that aging brings about a lot of health interruptions: heart stints, arthritis, bursitis, degenerative discs, glaucoma, cataracts, cancer, and neuropathy. Unfortunately, the world’s calamities such as inflation, threats of war, hate, violence, stormy weather, racism, and more affect our overall well-being.

However, we are reminded of James Cleveland’s song, “Oh to be Kept by Jesus.” It means that despite everything, we are carefully attended to and taken care of by Jesus. John and I can rest assured that we are reserved, set apart, taken care of, spoken for, protected, saved, and held by Jesus. The Lord Jesus can keep us because there’s nothing He cannot do. No crisis or circumstance can overwhelm Him. He is never surprised or shaken. His love is unstoppable, unquenchable, unrelenting, and everlasting. Our lives are in His hands. What more do we want?

An old man caught in a flood—He prayed earnestly for God’s protection. When he is offered a ride, he declines, when a boat arrives to take him away to safety, again he declines, when a helicopter arrives to fly him away at the last moment before the flood waters take him. Again, he declines, all while saying “The Lord will protect me,” Then he drowns. When he arrives in heaven, he asked God, “why didn’t you protect me after I prayed earnestly?” God answered, “What do you mean I didn’t protect you? I sent a car, a boat, and a helicopter, what else did you want?”

How blessed we are to have another opportunity to come together with family. It is always a fabulous, fun time of fellowship.

John’s Motto: “Making it do what it do!”

~Preaching and Teaching the Holy Word.
~Anticipating my 67th birthday, 13th Pastor Appreciation, Church’s
102nd Anniversary, Revival, Homecoming, and Family and Friends Day at Springhill Baptist Church in Juliette, GA.
~Accepting the daily challenge of trying to maintain good health.
~Continuing more than 33 years in the Life Insurance Industry.
~Earned a 2-day, 1-night trip and Banquet Dinner for two at Savannah’s Riverfront in May 2017.
~Earned an all-inclusive 4-day trip for two at Riviera Maya Mexico scheduled for July 2017.


Brenda’s Motto: “Doing what I do!”

~Constantly searching for good healthy recipes.
~Grand parenting is both fun and frustrating at times.
~Excited about regularly teaching Sunday school again
~Thrilled to have made inspirational speeches for a Women’s’ Conference, Association Congress of Christian Education, and the United Methodist Church.
~Continuing to work with Elementary School Students.
~Continuing to motivate and train child care teachers for their annual certification.
~Winning Sometimes at Word with Friends (Jake and Nketia pose a great challenge, perhaps I will defeat them one day).
~Being strengthened daily to cope with losing another sibling, my sister, Helen in March.



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