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Octavia Carner


J. Wesley Carner & Brenda Finney Carner's Middle Daughter

About The Family


Octavia and Jaxon


This last year has definitely been a journey for me.  I have successfully completed my first year of college at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media.  I will begin my second year in the fall.  I thank God for blessing me and being a provider for me. There were times I didn’t know how things were going to work out and God stepped right in on time.  He met every need. I was afforded the opportunity to do a lot of great things musically.  I worked with different artists and musicians in writing musical arrangements.  I worked hands on with different projects on production.  I was called upon to be the MD/Musical Director for big youth conferences and concerts.  I was honored and love every moment because I was doing what I loved to do most.  I’ve been working on building my brand. I’m developing my business called DR productions. It hasn’t been easy,  but  definitely a process that’s worth working for.  I’ve been able to play behind great people like Tiffany Andrew, Thomas Clay, Dr. Katina Powell and more.
I wouldn’t have made it this far without my wonderful mother. She has always been by my side supporting me with my dreams and goals.            
My mother is my heart. She is the best mother a person could ask for. I thank God for my little brother Jaxon and my sister Kristiana. Jaxon will be starting pre-K in the Fall.  Kristiana is now 15 years old.  She’s going to the 10th grade.  She wants to be a massage therapist.  She loves to sing, draw, paint, watch anime, and listen to music. Her favorite quote is “Gotta keep pushing.” They are my motivation for working hard.  I wouldn’t be able to press towards the mark without them.  I’m striving for excellence and with God and my family I know that I will be successful and accomplish everything I set out to do.