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About Clarice & Dana


Clarice K. Carner-Smith-Clarice – In the last year, the Smiths have had some changes.  The most significant is the change of address.  We recently purchased a new home in Fayetteville, Ga (Fayette County).  Although it hurt to sell my first home in Lithonia, GA, mainly because of the memories associated with it, it was time.  We were busting at the seams and the children needed a good PUBLIC school district with lots of room to run and play.  We are able to make this home our own by upgrading and renovating and we look forward to creating long-lasting memories in the years to come. 
I continue to craft and make custom items for family and regular clients with my small business.  This year has been busy as I completed team jerseys for our local park, wedding events and professional items for co-workers.  I look to venture out to an online business for additional income in the next 6 months. 


Dana Smith – It has been a year of transition for the family.  As I reflect over the last few months, I have been challenged with home improvement, balancing family and work alike and in the beginning stages of starting my own business.  I think that using my tools, including resources (Youtube) provided helped me achieve “handyman status.”   Look for more to come from the business as it is in its infant stage.  World peace.

Kendan Smith 

Kendan – continues to play sports and be a scholastic achiever.  His main three sports are basketball, baseball and soccer.  He enjoys them all and most recently, he learned the basics of volleyball.  His baseball team is the Red Sox and his position is short stop.  They were the 6U champions this year at the park and they earned every bit of it! He is very competitive on and off the ball field. 


Kendan Smith Con't

He was in the top of his class (advanced classwork) in Language Arts and in Math.  He was promoted to the second grade and currently reads on a fourth grade reading level.  He excels in Math as well (third grade level) and this year he placed second in the school-wide spelling bee.  Kendan received all A’s this year and received perfect attendance.  He earned scholar of the week in ______ and was featured again on a billboard on Interstate -20.  This year will mark a major transition for him as he will be entering public school.  Wecontinue to look for great things to come from him academically. 

Donovan Smith 

Donovan – ‘all things in love’ is the best to describe him.  Donovan is full of hugs and gives them to family, friends and any stranger he meets.  Donovan’s personality has really come out this last year and he is the most excitable, thoughtful boy.  Donovan loves to eat and his favorite food is consistently shrimp!  He will try new foods with little convincing and loves dipping sauce. 
He leads daily devotion at his school and has the nickname, “Deacon Donovan” in his classroom.  His love for music keeps him going and he is most proud that he can “snap his fingers” to the beat.  He is able to write his name and he is mastering phonetics.  He is currentlyspelling three-letter words (mom-based teachings) and has a few sight words that he recognizes (school-based teachings).  We look for Donovan to do well in Pre-K this fall. 
Donovan was able to try soccer this year and he received a participatory trophy.  Because he really doesn’t enjoy the outdoors, he will be introduced to martial arts as his physical activity later this year. 



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