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The Carner Connection

Clarke Anthony Perry

Son of Para Carner Perry & Charles Perry

Clarke Anthony Perry

Since we were last together, a few things have happened with and for Clarke Anthony. First, and one of the most gratifying things, is that Clarke became a doggie daddy to Diva Juliette Perry. Diva has definitely been a joy to have, as she brings much joy and stress relief for Clarke.

Professionally, Clarke continues to excel and achieve in his career. He is approaching his third year as Assistant Principal in Prince George’s County Public Schools. In addition to his 9 to 5 work, Clarke teaches professional developments for the school system, is a mentor administrator, and is a member of the Special Education Compliance team for the county. Lastly, Clarke is serving his second year as Principal for summer school.

Clarke’s goal for the next year is to take, and PASS, the Praxis test for Administration 2 certification so that he can be eligible to lead his own school in the near future.