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Para Carner Perry

Youngest Daughter of Clarence Carner, Sr. & Juliette Rayford Carner

Para Carner Perry



I smile when I think about all that GOD has done for me and my entire family soooo that means you, YES, you all make me smile.  The greatest loves of my life are my children Yaundalyn and Clarke. I thank GOD everyday for allowing me to live long enough to raise them and now to enjoy grandchildren.   Being a grandparent is on another level and I really enjoy it and I dearly love my grandchildren Janyce and Yaelle.  I am now trying to fix my mind to go to the next level with my life, stay home and get paid yes RETIREMENT!  I really don’t plan to work forever just maybe a few more years. I am told that one morning I will wake up and just know that it is time.  This school year has been very busy and all of you educators know the students say WE DO TOO MUCH when we want them to produce work LOL!  My most rewarding project this year was to make a school-wide video using the school song that I wrote about two years ago.  I will share it with you during our vacation.  DCPS is still saying that I am an award-winning teacher of excellence that is highly effective.  I say TO GOD BE THE GLORY, I’m just doing my job.  I truly thank Him for all He has done and is going to do for my ENTIRE FAMILY and ME.


Para Carner Perry

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