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Education has always been the focus of the Carner Family. It all started our grandparents, Lena Dixon Carner who taught me the alphabet when I was 4 years old. Willie Carner, Sr. while sitting on the front poarch of his house on Broadway, would sit me on his knee. When cars passed. he would tell me the name, make and model of the car. I would repeart what he said, consequently I learned the make and models of the pasing cars on Broadway. Pa, as he was affectionally called was only finished the seventh grade but was a strong promoter of education in our family. His son, my daddy Clarence Carner, Sr. followed the same trait. Daddy taught us the 23 Psalm, 100 Psalm and more. He demanded that were made the honor roll and so did our mother (Mrudear), Juliette Rayford Carner who was the first among the Rayford siblings to graduate for high school

Consequently, the Fabulus Forth and the Fantistic Fifth generations have exceeded in education attaining college degrees as high as PhDs. We decided to exceed in education by providing scholarships to deserving students.

The Carner Family Scholarship Foundation, Inc. was established October 23, 2020 as a Non-profit, Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Organization. Our plans include; preparting students for college by tutorials, SAT and PSAT preparation and giving scholarships. The best is yet to come!