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Yaundalyn Ebron


Yaundalyn J. Perry-Ebron was born in Macon, GA. She graduated high school from Friendly High School in Fort Washington, MD in 1998. She was the valedictorian that year (#1 out of 300+ students). She went on to earn a B.S. in Biology with a Pre-med concentration (minor in Chemistry) from Xavier University of Louisiana (2002). She earned a Master's degree in Special Education (2007) She has worked as a tour guide during the Summer in Washington, D.C. (1999 - 2001) which allowed her to meet people from all over the world. She went on to become a Mycologist; quantifying and qualifying mold spores to assist in providing better indoor air quality (2002). In 2003, she began her career as an educator. She worked as a Elementary School teacher for 3 years and a middle school Science and Math teacher for 1 year. She has worked as a high school Science teacher for the past 16 years. She has taught Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physical Science, and Forensic Science.

Janyce Ebron

Janyce is finishing up her third grade year at Accokeek Academy. She is completing the school year with perfect attendance and is above grade level in all academic subjects. She was also on the Honor Roll for all four quarters. She did very well in the STEAM Fair and completed a project on Hovercrafts. She alsotried out for the school band and was accepted into the program for the upcoming school year. She will play either the Alto Saxophone or the Clarinet. Outside of school, Janyce is continues to be active in the children’s ministry at Shiloh Baptist Church as a liturgical dancer and a Girl Scout. This year she had her "Flying Up" ceremony which means she moved from being a Brownie to a Junior Girl Scout. At home she enjoys spending time with Yaya, eating seafood with her granddaddy, spending Friday nights watching movies with Yaelle, cooking, gardening, riding her bike, and watching slime videos on YouTube.Yaelle is a lively 2 year old. Her vocabulary is exploding at the moment and she loves having conversations. Yaelle enjoys riding her tricycle, playing outside, listening to music, eating all kinds of food, dancing, and watching Puppy Dog Pals. Yaundalyn and John are thankful to God for all of his blessings. This year Yaundalyn is teaching Forensic Science, Environmental Science, & Biology. John is still working for Cardinal Logistics. Yaun and John enjoy traveling, date night, and spending time with their girls. 

Yaelle is a lively 6 year old. She has had an awesome year in kindergarten. She has hit and exceeded every kindergarten milestone. She has joined the Girl Scouts at Shiloh Baptist Church. She is currently a Daisy scout. Yaelle enjoys eating all kinds of food, dancing, reading, playing with Barbies, playing with Play Doh, and playing with Legos.

Yaundalyn & John are enjoying life. Yaundalyn  is still teaching Environmental Science and Biogeochemical Systems. John is still working for Cardinal Logistics driving all over the Northeast and Midwest regions. Yaun and John  enjoy date night as well as spending time with their girls. They absolutely love the Carner Family Vacations. We can’t wait for the next family adventure. 



Ain't Nobody Cool But Me!



Future Musician



A liturgical dancer and a Girl Scout.


Need I say more!